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April 7, 2008

ALL About ASIAN Movies – LINKS – Info – Online -DownLoad

Dien Dan Quoc Te ve De Tai Viet Nam *** TOPICS on VietNam *** *** REALITY – Past – Present – Future ***

Truy Cập “Viet TV” – (Viết Tiếng Việt) – Từ Nhiều Trang web ở Việt Nam – Lẫn Lộn Với “VIỆT TV” !!!

Dưới Đây Là Cách Sử Dụng Tiếng Việt Trong Hệ Điều Hành Windows – Áp Dụng Cho TẤT CẢ Phần Mềm (Blog, email, Word, Forum….)

* DownLoad Unikey * – * Huong Dan Su Dung * – Cách Gõ TELEX Là Dễ Dàng Và Mau Chóng NHẤT – * Cach Go Tieng Viet Kieu TELEX *

Tieng Chay Tren Soc Bom Bo (History Version) by Dan Oan

The NEXT Google – Join In and Having A Chance of Receiving $US 1,000,000 – Be Part of Internet Pied Piper * WEB 2.0 Standards – NEW Technology Coming !!! *

Radio Free Asia – Trang Web Moi * Nghe Dai RFA * * RFA – Trao Doi Thu Tin (De Nghe, DownLoad, Email…, Click Phan “Cong Cu Tro Giup” o Ben PHAI) * * Dien Dan Ban Tre *

VIET TV – Phim & Video – Nhac & Music – Hai & Comedy – DownLoad – Muc Luc & Contents

Welcome Friends – Enjoy !!! – Chao Mung Quy Vi Bon Phuong

Asian Movies – Asian Videos (Mostly Vietnamese Dubbed) *** SEE NEXT Lists For ENGLISH ***
Danh Sach Phim & Video – 40,000+ Duong Link – MASTER LIST – Phim Viet Nam – Phim Hong Kong – Phim Han Quoc – Phim Nhat – Phim Trung Quoc – Phim Dai Loan – Phim Thai Lan – Phim A Chau

# – A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – O – P – Q – R – S – T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z

FREE FREE NEW Movies OnLine (Some Dowloadable) – Phim Tieng Anh MOI Mien Phi
FREE English Movies – Xem Phim MOI Tieng Anh Mien Phi – HOT

ALL ASIAN MOVIES With English Title – OnLine – DownLoad

*** # * * A * * B * * C * * D * * E * * F * * G * * H * * I * * J * * K * * L * * M * * N * * O * * P * * Q * * R * * S * * T * * THE * * U * * V * * W * * X Y Z ***

Asian Videos By Country – Artist – These Links are DIFFERENT From Those Above
(There are some Adult Links Mixed-up in The List, I will Take Them OUT when I Have Time – SO Be CAUTIOUS About These Links Since I Have NOT CHECKThem Out YET !!!)

*** Korea * * Japan * * Thai * * Hong Kong * * TVB * * Taiwan * * Singapore * * Chinese * * Jackie Chan * * Jet Li * * Chow Yun Fat * * Bruce Lee * * Kung Fu Movies ***

There are 100s of Sites Providing Info about Asian Movies – BUT – This One is The COOLEST so far(More Will Be Posted Later To Complement This Comprehensive Site – ENJOY) *** Info On Asian Movies – Asian Media Wiki ***

ASIAN Movies Trailer (Spanish Site But OK)



CrunchyRoll Mysoju AsianPopcorn Milady-s-Stuff (French) YouTube

Movies By Country (FILM ASIA Blogger)

Hong Kong South Korea Thailand India Japan Taiwan Philippines Indonesia China Malaysia Singapore Vietnam Mongolia Pakistan Iran Lebanon Sri Lanka Kazakhstan

BourBonix (NOT All Are Asian)

2008 2006 and 2007 2005, 2004 2003 And Earlier Bollywood / Hindi Movies

Funny Videos Mossberg JoJo Jimmy Edwards Burning Crusade Burning Crusade Mossberg Stand Up Comedy jimbo Documentaries Mossberg Independent Films

CineAsie (French) Chinese Videos


Avistaz AsianFilmReviews LoveAsianFilm EastAsianMovieandDramaBlog AsianVideoBlog HeRoic-Cinema AsianMovieReviews AskMen Molodezhnaja (German) TwitchFilm Thirdi AsianDVDGuide KungFuCinema MandyAppleSnowblood ACdrifter BrightLightsFilm IlluminatedLantern ImagineAsia KinoAsia Asianmovieweb KungFuFilms GeoCitiesFullContact Cinema-Repose RabidAsian Cinemasie

LoveHKfilm HK Movie Shuqi Reviews Vampire Movies GreenCine RiceBowlBlog Hkmdb DianYing Hoomie

BMS – HongKong Cinema & Asian

HK Film Reviews HK Film Ratings ( 2004 -2006) HK Actor’s Pictures/Misc HK Actors Bios HK Film Recommendations HK Film Timeline

Korean Film Reviews Indian Film Reviews Bollywood Actor’s Pictures Thai Film Reviews Japanese Film Reviews

Internet Links Special Features Literary Sources The Michael Wells Reports


YumCha (YesAsia)

Editor’s Pick Chinese Japanese Korean Western Chinese Music Japanese Music Korean Music

Reviews Chinese Video Japanese Video Korean Video Western Video Feature Articles

COOL Pages (Yahoo Geo Cities)

Best Asian Movies All Movie Pages Johnny Depp Hideaki Ito Takeshi Kaneshiro Takashi Sorimachi Daisuke Ryu John Corbett Ueto Aya Odagiri Joe Kitano ‘Beat’ Takashi Nakai Kiichi Sanada Hiroyuki Fujiwara Tatsuya, Kimura Takuya, Sato Koichi, Miyazawa Rie, Kubozuka Yosuke, Watanabe Ken Nakamura Toru Their Fans in Indonesia Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi

2008 New Release

Hormones(Thailand) Beautiful(아름답다)[South Korea] U Me Aur Hum (India) Playboy Cops(花花型警)[Hong Kong] My Best Friend’s Girlfriend(Philippines) Kuntilanak 3(Indonesia) Jodhaa Akbar(जोधाअकबर)[India] My Big Love(Philippines) BA:BO(바보)[South Korea] An Empress and the Warriors(江山美人)[China] Kesurupan The Movie(Indonesia) The Leap Years(Singapore) Baan Phee Perb(บ้านผีเปิบ)[Thailand] 40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong(Indonesia) Fatal Move(夺帅)[Hong Kong] Duyung(Malaysia) Utatama(うた魂(たま)♪)[Japan] Evolusi KL Drift(Malaysia) Aquarian Age:The Movie(Japan) Humming(허밍)[South Korea] Drop Out(Indonesia) Shamo(軍鷄)[Hong Kong] L For Love L For Lies(我的最愛)[Hong Kong] The Chaser(추격자)[South Korea] Sweet Rain(死神の精)[Japan] Mithya(India) Art Of The Devil 3(ลองของ 2)[Thailand] Race(India) Congkak(Malaysia) Fate(숙명)[South Korea] 40 Hari Bangkitnya Pocong(Indonesia)

Popular Asian Movies

Kung Fu Dunk(大灌篮)[Taiwan] Art Of The Devil 3(ลองของ 2)[Thailand] Ah Long Pte Ltd(老师嫁老大)[Singapore] Shamo(軍鷄)[Hong Kong] An Empress and the Warriors(江山美人)[China] Jodhaa Akbar(जोधाअकबर)[India] I Like It Hot(뜨거운 것이 좋아)[South Korea] My Best Friend’s Girlfriend(Philippines) Kuntilanak 3(Indonesia) L For Love L For Lies(我的最愛)[Hong Kong] Duyung(Malaysia) Race(India) Hormones(Thailand) Fatal Move(夺帅)[Hong Kong] Handle Me With Care(“กอด“)[Thailand] Playboy Cops(花花型警)[Hong Kong] Sweet Rain(死神の精)[Japan] Mithya(India) The Chaser(추격자)[South Korea] The Leap Years(Singapore)

Forum – Community

LiveJournal Community LOVEFiLM Japundit AvistaZ PhimHongKong EmmaAlvarez

Yahoo!Movies WebRing&YahooGroupKFSS BlogCatalog StumbleUpon TokyoToysForum

Wikipedia – General Info On Asian Film

Movies LIST (Indiana University Collection) Chinese Japanese Korean

List of Sites on Asian Movies

HongKongPage LinksAsianBay FireCracker

OnLine Store

AsianDB DDDHouse Amazon (Classic asian movies) FiveStarLaser(VCD) SensAsian AsianDiscs eDayMovie TigerCinema CambodianMovies VideoMediaOnline MovieRaptureLinks FilmMart (Chinese) AsianDVDGuide eBayAsianMovies

… MORE … * MORE Links To Asian Movies *


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